More Being, Less Doing

Rise to Meaning

Relax. Connect. Look inside. See the world. See the dream. Unhitch. Find your path.


Meditation. Journey, Breathwork.


Healing. Retrieval. Removal.

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I’m not going to resist

There are good reasons to resist what is happening in the US. It is not futile and it is making… Read More

Your dog already knows this.

Life is a team game. In the past age it has alway appeared that self-reliance and rugged individualism ruled the… Read More

Darkness – No one knows the beauty in it, but you.

Light workers, new-agers, ascension leaders, gurus, and many others advocate banishing the darkness for the light.  Banishing part of you. … Read More

Stout Oak
Brian Pigg

To dance a dance with darkness - though you know not the steps.

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